Knitted Knockers dot org

The original knitted knockers organisation, based in Washington State, USA:

The purpose of this website is to help connect volunteer knitters with breast cancer survivors to offer free knitted knockers to any woman who wants them. There is a huge demand for knitted knockers that can’t be met by any one group but together we can do it! If someone in each area will set a goal of meeting the need in just their county it can happen!



Information – Sensitization: Doing talks related to Early Detection, Breast Reconstruction, Prevention, etc. The talks are focused for the entire interested population of Malaga.

Hospital Visit and Delivery of Prostheses: We regularly visit patients recently treated for breast cancer in Malaga hospitals, as well as providing the first cotton prostheses required by newly mastectomized women to various hospitals in the city, as our fundamental principle is that no woman leaves the hospital without her cotton prosthesis. We have been doing this activity for many years.

Assistance: Attending to people who are in treatment or who, due to their circumstances, require it.

They offer PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTENTION, for patients and family members.

Positively Pink

Positively Pink

We want every person affected by breast cancer to get the best treatment, information and support.

Positively Pink is the sole charity on the Costa del Sol dedicated to raising money to provide a FREE breast screening for British women who live within the Malaga Province and to help fund the improvement and enhancement of medical treatment.

El Costurero Torremolinos

El Costurero, Torremolinos

Ana, the owner of El Costurero is a great supporter of ours and stocks the Katia yarn that we use to make our knitted knockers.

Ana also organises workshops to teach people how to make knitted knockers. We are very grateful for Ana’s support.

C/ Río Yeguas, 2 Tel. 600 550 689
Facebook: El Costurero Torremolinos

Con Angel

Conangel: Centro de Asesoramiento Estético Integral

Welcome to ÁNGEL, a centre of integral aesthetic advice aimed at people who receive aggressive medical treatments, where they also offer aesthetic services and support with natural certified products.

Let us take care of you with tenderness and affection. In short, “with an angel”

Calle Martinez Campos 15, Malaga.
Tel. 951138214