Making and giving a knitted knocker is, in our opinion, one of the most rewarding things we have ever done. That something so easy to make, in so little time, can make such an impact on another person is truly overwhelming. Don’t take our word for it. Here is some of the wonderful feedback we have received.

… a package laden with happiness

Hi, I want to first congratulate the great work you do and the help you give to a woman who has gone through a disease as hard as cancer. Today my mother has received a package laden with happiness for her with an importance that cannot be described with words! The prosthetics are made with so much love and care. Thank you very much.

Knicker fillers!

The knitted knocker is so light and comfortable… Last night I used five pairs of knickers to fill my bra and give me some shape… These are much better. Thank you!


I have had a double mastectomy… so can’t lose any more!! I am really excited about tomorrow and the first outing of my knitted knockers. The prostheses I use weigh almost a kilo, so you can imagine the freedom I will experience with the knockers. Thanks again.

Buying bras

For the first time in nine years I’ve been able to buy normal bras.. The ones to use with a prosthesis are so boring and plain… I’ve now got them in lots of colours and pretty ones too, ones with flowers, prints. I’m so excited…

Size adjustment

… Thank you so much, they’re fab, and comfy, and it’s definitely a great idea to leave the back open to be able to adjust the size.

What a difference

… Thank you so very much. You have no idea what a difference they (knitted knockers) make. They are so light and comfortable. I couldn’t wait to get home to try them on…

Tears of joy

I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful gift… I can’t stop crying, but these are tears of joy… I had no idea that these (knitted knockers) existed. I wish you could know the depth of gratitude I feel…